Monday, February 14, 2011

A mess!

Main Street in Santa Monica yesterday was a mess! The amount of cigarette butts was alarming and disturbing. There were over 100 butts directly in front of the Irish bar, Finn McCools.

The association that manages Main Street is very open to installing BaitTanks along the popular street; however, many hurdles exist.

The City of Santa Monica's indoor smoking bans do not allow for smoking within 20 feet of an open door. So, the management is concerned that if we place cigarette receptacles within the zone, visitors will be cited for using them.

I understand the concern, but also know the reality that NO ONE is getting cited for smoking within the zone or littering! Butts dominate the gutter, the tree beds, between retail locations, etc.

Smoking bans, while beneficial to air quality, have had unintended (negative) consequences for streets, beaches, and water quality. We need to amend these laws now and allow receptacles to be placed within the zone! If we are going to be Smoke Free, can we also be Litter Free?!

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  1. High 5 to this post Mark. People are going to smoke, so it only makes sense that there should be a place for them to put their butts.... otherwise... what you're finding is always going to happen.

    Sooooo did you call the pollution prevention hotline and tell them you have a solution?? ;)