Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Butt-iful Day

We are on day three of storms in the Los Angeles area - and while the rain is nice, the waterways, ocean, and beach get left with our crap...check out these videos:

While these videos are alarming and disheartening, we have solutions!!
-- We can refuse single-use plastics
-- We can work with companies on product stewardship and extended producer responsibility (Jon and I do this at Greenopolis)
-- We can install BaitTanks to attract cigarette butt litter (they have reduced butt litter by 60% in Capitola and Santa Cruz)

Here is a Camel cigarette butt, produced by RJ Reynolds - Steve Strawsburg, their head of CSR, has admitted to me that butt litter is a problem and I look forward to working with him on solutions.

Thanks to Jon and Dixie for joining me -- together we can all get this gone...


  1. Mark!! This is freakin insane!! Absolutely disgusting!! Pure nastiness. That's a rake and shovel kind of clean up... hmmm... there's no way that you cleaned up all that mess...

    so the question I have is... WHO cleans it up??

  2. Mark, these are great (and by great I mean gross!) videos! Can we use them? Please contact me - bianca.carneiro @

    KTLA News

  3. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Keep it up.

  4. "we have a problem, we have a problem." yup. thanks Mark for taking the time to put this up. Let's go out together after the next big storm. It's coming in a few days.